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Down Ontario Highways

This blog is taken from a Facebook post I wrote in reaction to the recent story of Greyhound Canada ceasing all operations. As you can see, it stirred up some memories. I am a child of the road. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, my family took regular road trips from Ottawa to TorontoContinue reading “Down Ontario Highways”

Cotton Factory Writer-In-Residence

I’m taking a break from blogging about my geeky past to announce that I’ve been named the inaugural Writer-In-Residence at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton along with local writer Sally Cooper. Sponsored by the CoWork Space at The Cotton Factory, the Writer-in-Residence Program is a new opportunity that allows writers the time and space to buildContinue reading “Cotton Factory Writer-In-Residence”

Fandom-fuelled youth

You might be wondering where it all began for me. Why this story? Why role-playing? Why vampires and wizards and LARP? As you already know, I’m a huge geek. And, as I said before, playing Dungeons and Dragons was in my blood from a very early age. Like most people I know, I started atContinue reading “Fandom-fuelled youth”

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