My career as a Canadian playwright spans several decades and includes numerous plays that have been produced both professionally and independently by companies across Canada and in the U.S. My most prolific work has been done as playwright-in-residence and co-founder of the company Same Boat Theatre.

Here is a just a sample of the works I’ve written:

MONSTROUS INVISIBLE: A full-length drama about the tumultuous courtship and marriage between famed horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and Sonia Greene. An exploration into the roots of Lovecraft’s imagination, and how Greene helped inspire his writing and defy his expectations. Performed first at the Monkeyman Productions Banana Festival (2010), the Pearl Company Theatre Festival (2011) and finally at Theatre Aquarius TA2 Series (2013)

TEST: A one-act drama about love, lies and Live Action Role Play, Test tells the story of two LARP gamers who stage a retelling of their past to learn the truth of their relationship in-game and out-of-character. But as the rules change the story of Dana and Drew becomes an ever challenging quest to be won at all costs. Performed at the Hamilton Fringe Festival (July, 2013) and later as a full-length drama at the Staircase Theatre.
WINNER: 2nd Place Runner Up in 2013 Hamilton Fringe New Play Competition.

CONSPIRACY OF MICHAEL: The Conspiracy of Michael is an innovative piece of theatre that wrestles with the hot buttons of conspiracy theories and grief. A short play first presented as part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival’s Mini-Gallery Series and, later, the Festival‘s What The Fest?!Stream Out Loud Series.

FINDING MR. RIGHT: A play about a corrupt Senator, a mysterious cheque, an embattled Prime Minister’s and the two backroom advisers tasked with concocting a plan to save a conservative brand at all costs. Sacrifices must be made… and only one gets out alive. This dramatic political satire premiered at the 2015 Hamilton Fringe Festival to widespread audience and critical acclaim.

YOUR OWN SONS: A drama about a mother whose son has left Canada to join ISIS while the father of dead Canadian serviceman searches for answers about his son’s final days. Desperate to understand, the two parents set out on a painful and parallel journey to the heart of homegrown radicalization and the fall-out of both their son’s actions.  A searing and critically-acclaimed drama tackling the politics of faith and fear and the collision between love and loss, Your Own Sons was a Reviewers Pick at the Hamilton Fringe and later premiered at the Pearl Company as a Top Hamilton Theatre Pick.

CREATURE: a one-person script about a strange encounter I had in the northern woods of Ontario and how it fuelled my obsession with the legendary Sasquatch while also unearth memories of the relationship between myself and my father. Creature was written and produced as an audio presentation and premiered as part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival’s Digital Now Series in 2021.

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